Domestic violence support

How to recognise if you are being abused

If you are being abused, you may not recognise what is happening to you as abuse.  

Just because it doesn't show, doesn't mean it doesn't matter. You must never ignore it, as domestic violence usually gets worse over time. 

Domestic violence can be physical, sexual, psychological and emotional abuse. Abusers can use tactics such as:  

  • Hitting, beating, choking, pushing, slapping, kicking, pulling hair, biting, punching, backhanding, strangling, arm twisting, shoving, kicking or burning 

  • Locking you out of your home or in your home 

  • Forcing you to use substances such as alcohol and/or drugs 

  • Making humiliating remarks about your body or appearance 

  • Constantly criticising or humiliating you 

  • Forcing you to have sex or perform sexual acts. You can find out more on our sexual violence page.

  • Obsessive jealousy and accusing you of being unfaithful 

  • Telling you that nothing you do will ever be good enough 

  • Blaming your friends or family for the problems in your relationship 

  • Monitoring your phone calls, post, emails or online activity  

  • Demanding that you tell them everything you have done each day 

  • Demanding that you tell them how you have spent your money.