Domestic abuse and sexual violence support

The Domestic Abuse Strategy 2022-2025

Our new three-year domestic abuse strategy and action plan demonstrates our commitment to the residents of Newham to develop and improve our response to domestic abuse in the borough.  The strategy sets out our work towards inspiring confidence and trust in residents so they feel encouraged and safe to come forward, report domestic abuse and access the support they need.

The strategy has been co-produced with local residents and domestic abuse survivors in partnership with local support services.  The strategy is informed by 3 core values:

  • we will listen to survivors
  • we will believe survivors
  • we will take act to offer survivors support, make them safe and support their recovery from abuse.

Whole Community’ Approach

We recognise that no one organisation can address domestic abuse and that our robust response has to be jointly owned and delivered across our health, criminal justice, social care and voluntary, community and faith sector colleagues.  Newham is proud of its history and diversity and our Public Health ‘whole community’ borough approach seeks to provide support to all survivors and their families recognising individuality, strengths and addressing intersectionality. That is why our approach is fully inclusive and offers support to any individual experiencing domestic abuse.

Our domestic abuse strategy is accompanied by a comprehensive action plan, which will form the basis of our work over the next three-years. The implementation of this action plan will be overseen by our local multi-agency Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence group which will include survivors and residents.

  1. The Domestic Abuse Strategy 2022-2025 (PDF)
  2. The Domestic Abuse Action Plan 2022-2023 (PDF)