Domestic abuse support

Funding of Domestic Abuse Services in Newham

BSL Support

BSL Support

Year Services Cost Service Cost Total spent
2015-2016 Community Services £518,000 Refuge £198,000 £716,000
2016-2017 Community Services £598,000 Refuge £198,000 £796,000
2017-2018 Community Services £598,000 Refuge <£198,000 £796,000
2018-2019 Community Services £598,000 Refuge £198,000 £796,000
2019-2020 Community Services £571,584 Refuge £198,000 £769,584
2020-2021 Community Services £571,584 Refuge £198,000 £769,584

Domestic Abuse and Sexual Violence Services in Newham

We are committed to commissioning and funding high quality specialist services in the borough and the information below sets out data from the last five years. We commission the following services as part of our community services offer to all genders. Services include:

  • IDSVA support
  • Specialist FGM (female genital mutilation) advocacy services
  • Case work support for women involved in sex work
  • Service user consultation
  • Co-ordination of the specialist Domestic Abuse Court Service
  • Co-ordination of the Newham MARAC ( multi-agency risk assessment conference)

For refuge, we commission 25 specialist bed spaces for women and their families. This service also provides legal services and access to counselling.


The multi-agency risk assessment conference ( MARAC) is a multi-agency panel set up to address high risk cases. The number of cases heard in the last five years is as below:

Year Number of cases heard
2015-2016 384
2016-2017 432
2017-2018 491
2018-2019 489
2019-2020 378
2020-2021 499