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Homelessness advice and support

There are options that may be available to you to help you find your own accommodation if you are being made homeless.

What you should do first

Your landlord is trying to evict you

If you have been given a Section 21 notice by your landlord or letting agent you should visit the Housing Advice and Homelessness Team for advice and information.

You have a possession order from a court

Once the legal eviction process has got to the court stage, it is harder for us to help you prevent eviction. You should visit the Housing Advice and Homelessness Team for advice and information.

You are being asked to leave by friends and family

First try to negotiate with friends and family to avoid having to leave. If that is not possible, you could be eligible for help from the Housing Advice and Homelessness Team.

Other situations

If you are vulnerable or at risk, street homeless or leaving hospital or prison, you should visit the Housing Advice and Homelessness Team.


Finding your own privately rented home

You need to be realistic about what to expect. In some areas of the country it is easy to find affordable accommodation of all types to rent, but in London and the south east there may be very little available within your price range.
If you are affected by the Benefit Cap and cannot afford to rent in London, you may have no choice but to look for accommodation in areas outside London where it is often more affordable.

Help with paying the rent

If you are on a low income or get benefits and can’t meet the cost of your rent, you may be able to get help by claiming Housing Benefit.

If you are receiving Housing Benefit, but are finding it hard to cover all your housing costs, you may be eligible for Discretionary Housing Payments.

If you have explored all your options and are still in need of additional financial support, you may also consider applying for a loan from the council through the Newham Community and Crisis Support scheme.


If you can't find somewhere to live and need more advice

If you can't find somewhere to live and you need more advice and help, you must first visit us at the Housing Advice and Homelessness Team.
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