Homelessness prevention and advice

Homeless from Temporary Accommodation

If you are already in temporary accommodation and are threatened with homelessness do not make a new homelessness application, doing so may delay Newham Council assisting you.

If you are in temporary accommodation provided by London Borough of Newham (though not necessarily within Newham) following a homeless application made previously and have received notice from your landlord please contact us at TASCompliance@newham.gov.uk

In your email to us please include the following information (where applicable):

  • Your bidding/reference number
  • Full name and date of birth of the main applicant (normally the tenant)
  • Details of why you believe you are threatened with homelessness
  • Copies of any documents relevant to the threat of homelessness (such as a notice to leave or a letter from a Court)

Thousands of Newham residents are in private rented accommodation used by the Authority as temporary accommodation and we are not always notified by the landlord that they wish to take back a property.

If you are in this situation please get in touch with us at TASCompliance@newham.gov.uk, do not make a new homeless application as this may delay assistance.