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Licences: dog breeding

If you breed dogs at any premises and sell them, you must have a licence. The council is the licensing authority.
A litter of puppies

Apply for a licence to breed dogs

You can apply for a licence online: 

Fees for a licence to breed dogs

The licence costs £250 and it lasts for one year.

After you submit form, make a note of the reference number and write it on the back of a cheque payable to the London Borough of Newham.

Send your cheque to:
Animal Welfare
Central Depot
Folkestone Road
E6 4BX

Licence conditions

The licence will have conditions about the welfare of the animals and record keeping. If you breed or rear dogs for sale without a licence, or you don’t follow the conditions of the licence about the sale of dogs, you could receive a fine of up to £2,500, three months in prison or both.

Inspection of the premises where you breed dogs

Before we give you a licence, we will inspect the premises with a vet if needed. We will check that you:
  • keep the dogs in a suitable place
  • give the dogs enough food, water and bedding
  • give the dogs enough exercise
  • give the dogs enough food, water, bedding and exercise when they are transported to and from your premises
  • take the right steps to protect the dogs in case of fire or other emergency
  • taken action to stop and control the spread of disease among the dogs.

Renew a licence to breed dogs

If you already have a licence, we will write to you to tell you when you need to renew it.

To renew your licence, fill in our online application form. After you submit the form send your payment.
It is your responsibility to make sure that you have a current licence.

Contact the Animal Welfare Team

For information or advice fill in our online enquiry form. You can also report a licensing problem online.

Alternatively, call 020 8586 9739.
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