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Pavement problems

Good and safe pavements are important for pedestrians. If you feel there is a problem with broken slabs for example, let us know.

Report a problem with the pavement

You can use this form to report:
  • uneven or broken paving slabs
  • potholes or tree pits
  • problems with drain cover, manholes or utility covers
  • problems with railings or guardrails
  • problems with bollards. 

Before you report 

Check whether the problem is on a red route such as the A13 or A406. You should report any problems with a red route directly to Transport for London.

What happens next

We will inspect the problem within two working days and carry out any repairs that are our responsibility within 28 days.

If you log in or register for a My Newham account when you report the pavement problem, you can track our progress as we work to fix it. We will also be able to contact you if we need any further information.


Obstructions and hazards

If you notice that there are no barriers around street works/road works and building work, or that the pavement is blocked by:
  • a skip or scaffolding 
  • building materials 
  • an advertising board 
  • banners or bunting

call us on 020 8430 2000.


Stolen slabs

It is a crime to steal street items such as paving stones, gully gates and manhole covers. We will prosecute whenever we can.

If you notice that street items are going missing in your area, call us on 020 8430 2000 and tell us where the items used to be. We will send someone to investigate and make sure the area is safe for public use.

If we believe the items have been stolen, we will also tell the police.

Pavement parking

You are not allowed to park:
  • on footways or footpaths, for example pavements and grass verges
  • in front of dropped footways or raised carriageways, for example driveways or pedestrian crossings.
If you do, you could receive a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) and may also be towed away – even if only one or two wheels are on the footway.
Only where there is a marked parking bay can you park with two wheels on the footway. Four wheels are not allowed at any time.

Accessing your home 

Travelling across the pavement to get to a drive or garden is illegal unless you use a dropped kerb which we have installed for that specific use.
If you breach this rule it comes under the 1980 Highways Act and there is a £1000 fine. 
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