Severe weather

Extreme weather conditions may occur at any time of the year and can range from heat waves to snow fall and icy conditions.
It is important to be aware that during these periods of extreme weather.
Drawing of a cloud, raindrops and lightning on left, drawing of a sun on the right, with a dial hand in the middle
Be alert and ready for a heatwave in London - Saturday to Thursday
The Met Office has declared there is 70% probability of heatwave conditions from Saturday 17 June until Thursday 22 June in parts of England, including London.

NHS advice on how to cope in the warmer weather

Severe weather warnings

The Met Office gives advice on what to do in severe weather, what disruption and problems to expect during severe weather conditions and advice on how to deal with the impacts.

Cold weather

You can find Met Office advice on getting ready for winter, including looking after your health, protecting your home and precautions to take when travelling during the winter. 

Hot weather

The Met Office issues heatwave warnings from 1 June to 15 September each year.
You can find useful advice on how to prevent heat-related illness and death on the Government's website.

Heavy rain

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