Licences for animal related businesses

Kennel and cattery licence

You need a licence to run kennels or a cattery, or to look after other people's animals in your own home. This is to ensure the welfare of the animals and the safety of the public. Newham Council is the licensing authority for kennels and catteries. There is a fee of £350 per year when you apply for a licence.

Apply for a licence

Inspections of kennels and catteries 

We will inspect your premises before we agree to give you a licence. We may also inspect at any time after we issue you with a licence. As part of the inspection we will check that the animals you look after are:

  • Kept in a suitable place
  • Given enough food, drink and bedding
  • Regularly exercised
  • Protected in an emergency
  • Protected from disease – this includes somewhere for infected animals to be kept apart from the others if necessary.

Please contact animal welfare for a copy of the licence conditions

You will also need to keep a register, which should be available for inspection. It should describe all the animals you have kept, the dates they arrived and left, and the names and addresses of their owners. We may also add other conditions to a licence. The length of the licence depends on the star rating you receive.

Renew a licence to run a kennels or cattery

If you already have a licence, we will write to you to tell you when you need to renew it.

You can renew your licence online and send a cheque, with your renewal application reference written on the back to us.

Renew your licence

It is your legal responsibility to make sure that you have a current licence.

You could be prosecuted if you run a kennel, cattery or other place to board animals without a licence, or if you don’t follow the conditions of a licence.