Make a Complaint

Check if it is a complaint

Are you reporting a new issue?

If you're contacting us about an issue for the first time, it is quicker to resolve this by contacting the relevant service directly. For example you can:

Appeal a parking charge notice (PCN)
Request a housing register decision review
Report fly tipping
Report a missing bin collection

Report an issue >

If you have reported your issue and it has not been resolved, you can make a formal complaint.

You can make a complaint if:

  • you have faced unreasonable delays with a service
  • you are unhappy with an action the council has taken
  • you are unhappy with the actions of a member of council staff
  • you believe the council has not provided an adequate service
  • you have been provided inaccurate or false information by the council

It is not a complaint if it is:

  • a request for the council to do something new
  • a request for information
  • general feedback
  • related to a service we do not provide.

There are separate complaints processes for adults social care, children's social care and schools. There are also situations when we are unable to investiage a complaint.