Local Elections 2022

Royal Albert

Name of Candidate




COLEMAN Douglas Conservative Party Candidate 217 Not Elected
COLEMAN Maurisa Conservative Party Candidate 177 Not Elected
*EASTER Ann Rosemarie Labour and Co-operative Party 849 Elected
JONES James Emrys Stewart Liberal Democrat 118 Not Elected
LITHGOW Jane Alison The Green Party 227 Not Elected
LITTLEMORE Callum James Liberal Democrat 99 Not Elected
*MCALMONT Tony Labour and Co-operative Party 692 Elected
OXLEY Daniel Charles Reform UK 48 Not Elected
RODRIGUES Daniel The Green Party 162 Not Elected

The number of ballot papers rejected was as follows:

a) Want of an official mark - 0

b) Voting for more candidates than the voter is entitled to: 5

c) Writing or mark by which voter could be identified: 0

d) being unmarked or wholly void for uncertainty: 1