Blue Badge

Appealing or making a complaint about a blue badge decision

BSL Support

If you want to appeal or complain against a negative decision, you have the right to ask for an appeal within one month of us telling you of our decision.

Appeals can only be heard if additional information not previously submitted is provided.

To do this, you will need to complete the online form using the details below:

Blue Badge decision appeal - online form

What you must tell us

When submitting your appeal, you must:

  • Say why you are appealing
  • Upload any new evidence you may have to support your appeal, such as current medical evidence
  • Not upload information already submitted with your application, as this may result in your appeal being rejected.

What happens next

We will look at your application again and make a decision based on the new information provided or refer your case to an occupational therapist working on our behalf, to look at.

We will contact you by email to inform you of our decision.