Vitamin D for residents aged 60+

How to collect


What will I need to do?

The staff at the collection sites will first check that you (or the person you are collecting for) are aged 60 or over. If so, they will give you the supplements and some information about the offer.

You can collect for up to two people at a time, one pack of supplements per person.

The staff will ask you to complete a short form with some information about you and/or the person you are collecting for. This is so we can assess the success of the offer.

You will not need to provide information that could identify you to collect the vitamin D supplements. This means you will not need to give your name, date of birth, address or phone number. You will not need to show any identification documents.

Collecting vitamin D supplements from a place of worship.

In places of worship (Mosque, Temple, Gurdwara), Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs follow religious rituals. As soon as they enter the building, they wear a head scarf/covering and remove their shoes. When collecting vitamin D supplements from places of worship, we would appreciate it if you wore a head scarf/covering and remove your shoes upon entering the building. In most cases, the place of worship will lend you a scarf or covering if you do not have one of your own. By respecting the religious rituals you will be showing respect for the places of worship and its adherents.

Collection sites

View all Vitamin D collection sites in Newham

Collection sites in Beckton and Royal Docks
Collection sites in Custom House and Canning Town
Collection sites in East Ham
Collection sites in Forest Gate
Collection sites in Green Street
Collection sites in Manor Park
Collection sites in Plaistow
Collection sites in Stratford and West Ham

When you finish your bottle of vitamin D tablets, you can come back to one of Newham Council’s partner collection sites to collect another bottle. You do not have to go back to the same collection site.