Your council tenancy

Introductory tenancies

You will be given an introductory tenancy for the first 12 months that you are a council tenant if you were not a council or housing association tenant at another property before your tenancy started.  

 After that you will become a secure tenant as long as you have met the conditions of the introductory tenancy. 

Differences between an introductory and secure tenancy 

As an introductory tenant you can't: 

  • Exchange your home with another council tenant 
  • Transfer the tenancy to another person, unless they are ordered to by a court or in other very rare circumstances 
  • Exercise the right to buy (but your introductory tenancy may count towards your Right to Buy.
  • Take in lodgers or sub-let all or part of the property. 

If you breach your tenancy agreement 

If you breach your tenancy agreement, we can evict your more easily than if you were a secure tenant. 

We will issue a notice of proceedings for possession. You will have the right to appeal this decision. We will provide details when we serve the notice.