Your council tenancy

Secure tenancies

As a secure tenant you have the right to stay in your home unless we get a court order to evict you. You also have the right to be consulted on any changes to your tenancy terms and conditions. 

We have the right to move you in some circumstances, such as if your home is due for modernisation or demolition. 

Becoming a secure tenant 

You will usually become a secure tenant automatically after the first year has passed as long as we don't: 

  • Start action to evict you during your introductory tenancy 
  • Decide to extend your introductory tenancy for another year.  

Fixed-term tenancies 

If you have a fixed-term tenancy (sometimes referred to as a flexible tenancy) you are still a secure tenant. 

Before the fixed term ends we will decide whether to grant you a lifetime tenancy. We won't offer you another if you: 

  • Did not pay the weekly rent or other charges 
  • Have let the property to fall into bad repair because of neglect or if you have damaged it 
  • Caused a nuisance, or let members of your household or your visitors to cause a nuisance or annoyance 
  • Did not use the property as your main home or you have sub-let it 
  • Continuously breached your tenancy conditions 
  • Now own a property. 

If you have not met the conditions we will write to you at least six months before your tenancy is due to end. We will then serve a notice to end your tenancy at least two months before it is due to end. 

You will have the right to appeal this decision. We will provide details when we serve the notice.