Your council tenancy

Tenancy issues and conditions


Pets can be an important part of your household but if you want to keep one you must consider you responsibilities as well as your rights. 


Gardening includes regular lawn mowing, trimming hedges and bushes and ensuring weeds, plants and bushes don't go into neighbouring gardens or on to pathways. 

Lodgers and subletting 

As a council tenant, you can sublet or take in a lodger as long as it does not make your home overcrowded and you get permission. 

Clutter in communal areas 

If you live in a block with shared communal areas such as landings, stairwells and walkways, you must make sure they are kept clear of personal possessions and other items as such clutter can cause a fire hazard.

We are operating a zero-tolerance approach to clutter to keep tenants safe. For more information visit Your fire safety responsibilities page.