Problems when renting privately

Homelessness Prevention and Advice Service

If you would like further advice the Homelessness Prevention and Advice Service may be able to work with you and the property owner to resolve the situation.

If you need to visit the Homelessness Prevention and Advice service, you must bring the following:

  • Proof of your identity and the identities of everyone to be included as part of your household, such as birth certificates, passports, immigration documents
  • Proof of your income and any savings or investments you have, such as wage slips, bank statements, benefit books, savings books, share certificates
  • Your current tenancy agreement and any previous tenancy agreements you have for other homes you have previously lived in
  • Evidence that you are threatened with homelessness, such as a notice of seeking possession, possession order or bailiffs' warrant
  • Confirmation in writing that you are being made homeless if friends or family are asking you to leave
  • Proof of your previous addresses for the last five years and your partner’s addresses if relevant, such as: medical cards, bank statements, utility bills etc.
  • Evidence of any serious illness or disability that you or any member of your household have, such as letters from your GP, hospital consultant, details of any prescribed medication.

The Homelessness Prevention and Advice service will try to prevent an illegal eviction. Where there is evidence of an illegal eviction having taken place, the service may pass it on to Private Sector Housing Standards for further investigation and potential legal action.