Home exchange

Housing association tenants

If you are a housing association tenant you will need to contact your landlord if you want to exchange. If your landlord is a member of the East London Lettings Company you can register on their website.

If your housing association is not a member of the East London Lettings Company, you should ask if they have links to any other exchange schemes.

Once you have found an exchange partner

Once you find a tenant who is interested in exchanging homes with you, you will need to call us on 020 8430 2000 and ask for application forms for you and your exchange partner to fill in.

You must then return the completed forms to:

London Borough of Newham
Lettings Agency
PO Box 68612
E15 9DN.

If the tenant is not one of our tenants, you will have to find out what the process is for the other landlord.