Home exchange

Home visit and inspection

Once both forms are received and processed a technical officer and your housing compliance officer will visit your home.

We have 42 days from receiving your fully completed mutual exchange forms to give you a decision.

Inspecting your home

Your home will be checked for:

  • Health and safety issues such as missing fire doors and balustrade - which are rechargeable repair works. Gas and electric tests are carried out
  • Unauthorised changes that create partitions or structures and may compromise health and safety, such as:
    • Extensions
    • Loft conversion.
    • Turning closed kitchens into open-plan ones
    • Construction of extra rooms
  • Non-standard fittings that have been installed by the out-going tenant, to make sure the incoming tenant is aware that these will become their responsibility
  • Any repairs to the property that the landlord is responsible for, to avoid future disrepair claims.

We will photograph your home to record evidence to avoid future disputes between us and the new tenant.