Home exchange

If your exchange is rejected

Sometimes we are unable to approve exchanges. Some of the reasons this may happen, include:

  • The property you are trying to move to is too small or too large for your household
  • You are in arrears with rent, Council Tax or money from a former tenancy (you will not be allowed to move until this account is clear)
  • If you have a history of anti-social behaviour
  • If you have breached your tenancy.

There may also be other legal reasons why your exchange may be refused.

Re-applying if your exchange is turned down

If you have been turned down there is no set time that you have to wait before you can reapply.

But if you have been turned down because of a breach of your tenancy, we will have to be satisfied that the breach has been corrected before we can consider another exchange.

Changing your mind after agreeing to exchange

You can change your mind at any time before you formally exchange the tenancy. But you should consider if you want to exchange before you make your final decision to avoid disappointing your exchange partner.

You should be honest with the other person and tell them if you are having second thoughts.

If there is anything that you are not sure about, think about getting legal advice.