Homelessness prevention and advice

Under threat of homelessness

It is very important to us to help prevent you from becoming homeless. To have the best chance of achieving this we need to know as soon as possible if you are under the threat of homelessness. The fastest way to get assistance is by completing an online application

If you have completed an application and have not had a response within 5 working days or, you are homeless already and need urgent assistance, please contact us by email:

Email: hpas@newham.gov.uk​

Due to the large demand for assistance from HPAS email is the quickest and most efficient way to get assistance, please remember to include your application number or bidding number (if known), the full name of the main applicant and the main applicant’s date of birth. Please ensure you explain why assistance is needed to help us direct your request to the correct team.

If you are not able to use email, do not have a computer or have another barrier which prevents you from using this service, contact the Customer Contact Centre who will be able to pass a message onto HPAS.

Telephone: 020 8430 2000

General Guidance

Homelessness can only be prevented in one of two ways. We can either help to keep you where you are, or we can assist you with moving somewhere else. Knowing the reason you are being asked to leave your home is a good starting point, as this can help inform you of the opportunities to explore. 

Staying where you are

If you are under the threat of homelessness there may be options you can explore before you need to find somewhere new to live. 

  • If you are being asked to leave by friends or family – perhaps due to overcrowding or extra costs they incur by you living in their home - you should consider what compromises you might be able to make and try and negotiate with them.
  • If you are in rent arrears, or are struggling to meet your rent with the money you have to live on, we might be able to help. We may be able to negotiate the rent with your landlord; help you increase your income by accessing employment; provide guidance on debt management and welfare benefits; or help you with  an application for discretionary housing payments to assist with any shortfall.  

Help with moving somewhere else

  • The most likely way to achieve this is by finding a home in the private rented sector. If you find somewhere yourself, we could help by negotiating the rent and tenancy term with the landlord. We may also be able to help with a deposit or rent in advance.
  • If you would prefer social housing and are prepared to consider properties outside of London, we could help you register with www.HomefinderUK.org. Once your application is approved, you need only bid on the properties and locations that interest you. 

If you are Eligible and Threatened with Homelessness we will agree a Personal Housing Plan. This will set out the ‘reasonable steps’ both you and the Council agree to undertake to either help you stay where you are, or find somewhere else to live.