Homelessness prevention and advice

Under threat of homelessness

If you are under the threat of homelessness there may be options you can explore before you need to find somewhere new to live. 

Knowing the reason you are being asked to leave your home is a good starting point, as this can help inform you of the opportunities to explore, for example:

  • If your landlord wants to increase your rent, you may be able to negotiate an amount you could reasonably afford to pay or if you claim Housing Benefit  apply for discretionary housing payments to assist with any shortfall.  
  • If your landlord is selling their property, you can ask them if they would consider selling your home with you as a sitting tenant – many buyers in Newham are prospective landlords.
  • If you are being asked to leave by friends or family – perhaps due to overcrowding or extra costs they incur by you living in their home - you should consider what compromises you might be able to make and try and negotiate with them.