Newham Local Plan Review

Second Consultation: Draft Local Plan (Regulation 18)

This second round of engagement (called Regulation 18) took place between the 9 January and the 20 February 2023.

This consultation was on the first draft of our new Local Plan for Newham. The Draft Plan contains the vision, objectives, spatial strategy and planning policy framework which we consider will best address the challenges and make the most of opportunities which face Newham now, and in the future.

The Draft Local Plan has been informed by the responses we received on our Issues and Options document, during the consultation at the end of 2021. A summary and analysis of such responses has been included in the Issues and Options Consultation Report. It has also been informed by evidence base documents which have been researching specific aspects of the Plan and emerging Council and regional strategies and area specific guidance – including for Stratford and the Royal Docks.

This document looks and reads like a new Local Plan but it is still a work in progress. Thank you to everyone that took part in the Regulation 18 Consultation. The Planning Policy Team is analysing the comments received, which will inform the Submission Local Plan. Everyone will have the opportunity to provide further feedback on the Submission Local Plan during the Regulation 19 Consultation. The full timetable can be found in the Local Development Scheme (PDF). Sign up to our Stakeholder Database to be notified when the next consultation starts.

Read the full Draft Newham Local Plan document (PDF), see the policies map (PDF) or interactive map and you can also read the summary factsheets below: