Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Manbey LTN

The Manbey Low Traffic Neighbourhood is now a permanent scheme, as decided by Newham Cabinet in September 2022.

Currently the LTN team is reviewing potential complimentary and mitigating measures based on resident and stakeholder feedback, including improved infrastructure for disability access, additional pedestrian and cycle crossings, changes to traffic management, traffic calming measures, and improved pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. Further public consultation to discuss complimentary and mitigating measures is expected to take place over the coming months.

Manbey map

Download Manbey LTN map (PDF)

Manbey modal filterTemporary modal filter in Manbey LTN

Project leaflets

A series of leaflets have been released over the lifespan of the project to inform residents about scheme progress.

Leaflet 1 (January 2021)

Leaflet 2 (March 2021)

Leaflet 3 (March 2021)

Leaflet 4 (March 2022)

Leaflet 5 (September 2022)

Project leaflets – permanent stage

1) Water Lane pedestrian crossing

We have produced a draft design for a modal filter upgrade. We want to hear what you think.

Please e-mail your views to liveableneighbourhoods@newham.gov.uk by 26 November 2023

The audio for Leaflet 1 can be found below: