Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Atherton LTN

The Atherton Low Traffic Neighbourhood is now a permanent scheme, as decided by Newham Cabinet in September 2022.

The Council is now seeking your views on improving the design of the modal filter on Keogh Road (see image below), converting a temporary wooden planter box to a permanent design. Modal filters prevent motor vehicles from driving through residential areas using CCTV enforcement, while allowing pedestrians, cyclists, emergency vehicles and waste collection vehicles to pass through.

To provide your feedback on in this survey, please visit https://newhamco-create.co.uk/en/projects/athertonltn 

Future improvements could include:

  • Upgrading the modal filters that are currently made of wooden planter boxes
  • Improving footways and crossings to reduce motor vehicle turning speeds and reinforce pedestrian priority at side road junctions
  • Increasing green infrastructure across the area, particularly where it can contribute to speed reduction
  • Assessing and improving wheeled accessibility across the area (et.g. dropped kerbs)
  • Creating a safer environment on Earlham Grove, outside the school, particularly during school drop-off and pick-up
  • Introducing a 20mph speed limit on boundary roads and adjacent residential streets.

Masterplan updated style ltn keogh


Keogh road temporary modal filterTemporary modal filter on Keogh Road


Project leaflets – experimental stage

A series of leaflets were delivered to addresses in the Atherton area during the experimental stage of the project to inform residents about scheme progress.

Leaflet 1 (January 2021)

Leaflet 2 (March 2021)

Leaflet 3 (March 2021)

Leaflet 4 (March 2022)

Leaflet 5 (September 2022)


Project leaflets – permanent stage

The following leaflet was delivered to addresses in the Atherton area to inform residents about proposed improvements to the area and to gather their feedback on proposals.

Leaflet 6 – Keogh Road modal filter (January 2023)

The audio for Leaflet 1 can be found below:

Project leaflets – permanent stage

1) Water Lane pedestrian crossing

We have produced a draft design for a modal filter upgrade. We want to hear what you think.

Please e-mail your views to liveableneighbourhoods@newham.gov.uk by 26 November 2023

The audio for Leaflet 1 can be found below: