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West Ham Park LTN

Newham Council is committed to creating more people-friendly streets that make it easier and safer for everyone in Newham to get around using greener modes of transport. Whether you walk, scoot, cycle or use a wheelchair or mobility aids, this will all contribute towards creating a cleaner and healthier borough.

Update – May 2024

Newham cabinet has approved the implementation of Low Traffic Neighbourhood Area 8 ‘West Ham Park’ under an Experimental Traffic Management Order (ETMO).

This means that we will implement our proposed design using temporary modal filters (wooden planter boxes) to address through traffic, speeding and improve active travel. During this stage, we will continue to gather traffic and air quality data to measure the impact of the implemented measures. We will also collect feedback from residents, businesses and other groups to help us decide whether or not to make the scheme permanent before the 18 month period.

Details of the cabinet meeting in which the decision was made to approve the experimental LTN is available here.

A leaflet providing further details will be delivered to residents of the LTN 8 area in the next few weeks.

Street Survey (March 2023)

On 11 March 2023, we sent postcards to addresses in the West Ham Park area asking residents to complete a Street Survey. We also followed up by going back to all properties within the study area and asking to complete the survey at the door. We received 664 responses (10% response rate) in total with residents providing their views about road safety, air quality, walking, cycling and traffic in the area they live. We would like to thank all that participated for their feedback.

We are newham west ham park survey

Street Survey postcard

Most residents thought road safety, air quality, traffic, cycling, wheeled access and footways/crossings in the area were ‘poor’. On average, people rated the conditions for walking in their local area ‘okay’ and were supportive of implementing a 20mph speed limit.


People were also given the opportunity to write open text comments on the same topics. Out of the 421 comments we received, the most common topics for responses were as follows:


Traffic data

A number of traffic surveys were conducted in the West Ham Park area during one week in November 2022 to gain a comprehensive understanding of the existing traffic conditions. We are conducting surveys quarterly to understand any seasonal changes.


Roads in the West Ham Park area currently operate 30mph speed limits. At traffic speeds of 30mph, the risk of pedestrian fatalities is 5 times greater than at speeds of 20mph.

As a result of this the Council monitored traffic speeds at over 50 locations in the West Ham Park area.

At 5 locations, at least a quarter of vehicles were driving at 20mph or faster.

This includes:

  • Tavistock Road
  • Bolton Road
  • Margery Park Road (two locations)
  • Ham Park Road


47% of traffic was through traffic, meaning that these vehicles drove through the West Ham Park area rather than starting or ending their journeys in the neighbourhood. The main corridors where traffic did not stop in the neighbourhood are:

  • Ham Park Road (west end) to Margery Park Road
  • Ham Park Road (west end) to Warwick Road
  • Ham Park Road (west to east)
  • Vicarage Road to Tavistock Road


Leaflet 1 – June 2023

Street Survey results

In June 2023 we sent leaflets to addresses in the West Ham area, which summarise the results of the Street Survey and traffic data collection, and shows residents how to register to workshops so that they can provide their views on improving streets in the area.

West ham park area street survey results june 2023

Download the document

Leaflet 1 - Full document (PDF)

Leaflet 1 - Text only (Word)

Leaflet 1 - Easy Read (PDF)

Leaflet 1 - British Sign Language (Video)


Leaflet 2 – January/February 2024

Low traffic neighbourhood design

In late January / early February 2024, we sent leaflets to addresses in the West Ham area, which show a draft design for an experimental low traffic neighbourhood and show residents how they can register for a workshop to provide their feedback. 

West Ham Park Area Leaflet 2

Download the document

Leaflet 2 - Full document (PDF)


Leaflet 3 – June 2024

Experimental scheme approved

Newham council has approved the implementation of a low traffic neighbourhood (LTN) in the West Ham Park area on an experimental basis.

In this leaflet you will find:

  • A summary of the engagement carried out so far and our findings
  • Details about the new low traffic neighbourhood
  • Next steps

Cover page

Download the document

Leaflet 3 - Full document (PDF)  

Leaflet 3 - Text only (Word) 

Leaflet 3 - Easy Read (PDF)

Leaflet 3 - British Sign Language (Video)

Leaflet 3 - Audio below 


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