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Speed humps

Speed calming measures make Newham's streets safer for all users.

Speed hump

Humps and cushions

Speed humps (once known as Sleeping Policemen) are  bumps placed at intervals along a road to get motorists to slow down.
Flat top humps and junction cushions also provide a level surface to enable pedestrians to cross easily.
Speed cushions are similar to speed humps except that they have gaps so that cyclists, emergency vehicles and buses can easily get through them.

Why are they used?

Speed humps and speed cushions slow down drivers and reduce car accidents.

Where are they used?

They are used to reduce vehicle speeds in residential and other areas. Speed cushions are used only on cycle routes, bus routes and emergency vehicle routes.
Raised junctions, as the name suggests, are used at junctions.

As well as following government guidelines on location we try to site speed humps away from disabled parking bays and doctors' bays.

Can I park on them?

Vehicles are permitted to park on round speed humps and speed cushions unless there are any waiting and loading restrictions, or if the vehicle is causing an obstruction.
Vehicles may not park on flat top humps or raised junctions.


Signs are used to advise motorists that humps etc are coming up and to reduce their speed.​

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