Community Neighbourhood Link Workers


Feeling lonely can happen to us all, but there are lots of ways that you can get involved with your local community and meet new friends.

One-to-one support

Community Neighbourhood Link Workers support residents for up to six weeks on a one-to-one basis to help build confidence in seeking out and/or rediscovering hobbies and interests. Working together, we will both agree on an action plan that supports you to keep active, connected and healthy.

Information, advice and guidance

Don’t know where to start? We can offer information, advice and guidance on how to access local activities and services. There are lots of free activities available in Newham including gardening, walking groups, chess, carer support groups, knitting, exercising, volunteering and so much more.

A member of the team is based in each Community Neighbourhood and has oversight of local health and social care and events taking place in our libraries and community centers – so if you have any ideas of what’s missing we can help make it happen.

Tips and ideas – if you are feeling lonely

Feeling lonely is a normal human emotion such as joy and sadness. Everyone will feel lonely from time to time and is simply a sign of wanting contact with people.

Download Combatting loneliness - helpful tips (Word) for information about what you can do, where you can go for support and top tips on combatting loneliness.


Link Worker Contact Details


Link Worker

Contact Details

East Ham

Mikayl Mehtab

020 3373 1076

Mobile: 07812 675213

Custom House and

Canning Town /

Beckton / Royal Docks

Noreeen Mukalazi

020 3373 0332

Mobile: 07814 615350

Forest Gate / Green Street

Jacqui Pringle 

020 3373 1884

Mobile: 07812 675187

Manor Park Shamilla Kumari 

020 3373 1804

Mobile: 07854 962478

Stratford / West Ham /


John Celso 

020 3373 1076 

Mobile: 07866 152925