Emergency out-of-hours repairs

Emergency repairs

Sometimes emergency repairs are needed outside office hours. If a repair is very urgent (for example, it is a danger to health and safety or security) and cannot wait until the next working day, you can call the repairs emergency line 0800 952 5555.

We may carry out a temporary repair until we can carry out a full repair during normal working hours.

What is an emergency?

  • A leak - if the water cannot be turned off or the leak contained in the case of a severe leak or burst pipe
  • A leak - if it is affecting the electrics or another property
  • Dirty water back-surging from plug holes, toilets or other drainage
  • If broken glass is a danger to anyone's health or safety
  • If your home is insecure
  • A total loss of electric supply
  • An unsafe electrical fitting that is sparking or smoking, or there is bare wiring
  • A complete loss of cold, clean drinking water
  • Total loss of central heating during the winter months
  • If you are trapped in a lift in a housing block

If the problem poses a danger to your health or security you should call 0800 952 5555 choosing option 1.