Conservation areas and listed buildings in Newham

Our policies and protection of listed buildings

We want to protect listed buildings, their settings and features. You can find our policy on listed buildings in the Local Plan.

You can also find guidance in the Government's National Planning Policy Framework.

Use of a listed building

We try to make sure that listed buildings are used in the way that was originally intended, or if that is not possible then in a way that causes least harm to the building. For many buildings this is possible, but not for all. 

Giving listed building consent

For all listed buildings, we work closely with Historic England when we decide whether to give consent. For grade I or II* listed buildings, Historic England needs to agree to the work. We cannot give ourselves consent to work on our own listed buildings, so the Secretary of State decides on the application.

Buildings at risk

If you own a listed building, and you neglect it or leave it empty for a long time, we can make you repair the building to stop further decay. We will say what work we think you should do to preserve it.

Historic England can register neglected or empty listed buildings as 'buildings at risk'. Find out more about the Buildings at Risk Register on the Historic England website.

If you are a resident in Newham and you are concerned about a building which you think might be listed, please email us at

What the council can do

Urgent works notice

We can issue an urgent works notice for emergency repairs, for example work to keep a building wind and weather-proof and safe from collapse.

Repairs notice

A repairs notice is not just for urgent work, it may include work to preserve design details, but we cannot use it to restore lost features.

Work at the owner's cost and compulsory purchase

In extreme cases, we can do the work and make the owner pay for it, or we can buy the building at risk without the owner's agreement (compulsory purchase).