Regeneration project: Canning Town and Custom House

Canning Town redevelopment programme 

The Council first established a programme of redevelopment and regeneration of Canning Town, along with Custom House, in December 2000. This was in response to the areas being seriously disadvantaged, largely being in the lowest decile of the index of Multiple Deprivation.  

Over the last 10 years the incremental regeneration of various sites across Canning Town continues to shape the area’s ongoing transformation and prospects for future development schemes. There remain a number of designated areas where regeneration is outstanding. 

Since 2010, a number of sites in the area have been designated for redevelopment in the London Borough of Newham Local Plan (Adopted December 2018). In preparation for regeneration, these sites have been part of an active decant policy for rehousing. 

Canning Town progress to date 

To date, delivery of new development has been primarily directed towards Canning Town, with a number of Council-owned sites brought forward under development agreements with third-party developers. In total, circa 3,700 homes have been delivered or are currently underway, circa 2,400 of these homes are on Council-owned land.  

These schemes such as Hallsville Quarter/Canning Town Centre (Area 7), have delivered social housing in line with local planning policy, when taken as a whole are for 35% total ‘affordable’ provision, split equally between rented and intermediate  

Changing to support the needs of our community 

Since May 2018 the Council has changed priorities to secure the delivery of a greater proportion of social rented housing, ensuring an increase in stock above previous levels. To achieve this, the Council is considering new and innovative ways to deliver regeneration whilst overcoming the financial viability. 

Resident engagement 

A drop-in was held in January 2020 to talk to members of the community about how to progress the regeneration and what part they can play.  

If you missed the event, you can see the Canning Town drop in 2020 presentation (PDF)