Regeneration project: Canning Town and Custom House

Canning Town now  

In post-war Canning Town 85% of the housing stock was demolished and the area became known for its council estates and high rise buildings. By the 1990s it was recognised that large scale redevelopment needed to be carried out. Construction of a mixture of homes in the Hallsville Quarter began in 2012, which now includes Morrisons, Superdrug, The Gym, Petit, a Lebanese restaurant and the soon to be opened Northway Clinic. Other new attractions include the Custom House and Canning Town Community Neighbourhood Centre, East City Point and Canning Town Walkway. With the shortage of council homes across Newham, Canning Town presents a first class opportunity to address this as part of the Council’s plans to build homes in the 2020s. 


The opening of Morrisons in Hallsville Quarter has become the talk of the town. Not only has it created over 150 jobs, it has also given the community a brand new local store which can provide food on the go and also weekly groceries. Councillor Rohit Dasgupta officially opened it on 30 October 2019, with the ribbon cutting kicking off a day of events. 

Hallsville Quarter 

The development of the third phase of Hallsville Quarter is going ahead; of its 620 new homes, 102 will be shared ownership and 97 much needed new social rent homes – with 50 of those homes for residents needing extra care. There will be two new squares, helping to create a new community hub, as well as a new health centre, cinema, shops and offices. 

The Canning Town Walkway 

The opening of the new Canning Town Walkway increases access for pedestrians and cyclists travelling between Canning Town Riverside and the River Lea. It links Canning Town Station with Silvocea Way in Tower Hamlets, avoiding the busy A13. This path provides residents with the opportunity to choose alternative methods of travelling around London, for example walking or cycling. This will help to contribute to reducing pollution and help Newham reach its target of being carbon neutral by 2030 and carbon zero by 2050. 

Keir Hardie Primary School 

Keir Hardie is at the heart of the community in Fife Road. A key part of the Canning Town regeneration project, the new building provides modern facilities for both the children and other residents. Its Ofsted rating has improved over the years, going from “Satisfactory” to “Good” and it continues to make a positive impact on the community. 

Fife Road (East City Point) 

Work on this neighbourhood scheme located between Fife Road and Newham Way started in May 2011 and was finished in June 2018. The scheme saw the Council’s partner Countryside Properties build 649 new homes and the construction of a new Keir Hardie Primary School providing excellent educational facilities, brand new school hall, dance hall, multi-use games area and school square benefitting both pupils and the community at weekends and in the evenings. A number of local residents affected by regeneration have been rehoused in new homes in the development, which includes 35% affordable homes. 

Custom House and Canning Town Community Neighbourhood Centre 

The redevelopment of Rathbone Market has provided space for a brand new £2 million Community Neighbourhood Centre, which opened in September 2017. The state of the art centre includes a range of community spaces that can be used by groups and organisations, offering a wide range of initiatives and activities local residents can get involved in. The Canning Town Library, formerly located opposite the market, has moved into the new building. Residents can borrow books, films and CDs and the centre has studying and reading areas, computers, free wifi, public toilets with baby changing facilities and lots of classes and events.