Regeneration project: Canning Town and Custom House

Residents affected by regeneration 

If you are a tenant, leaseholder or freeholder living in one of the sites, you will be re-housed as the work continues in the area. The full charter can be found here (PDF) or to talk about how the work might affect you, contact us on 020 3373 1443 or email 

Properties directly affected by the regeneration 

Canning Town 



Area 2a (Maisonettes) 

Kennedy Cox House 

Bothwell Close 

2-52 Forty Acre Lane  

Formunt Close  

2-232 (evens) Lawrence Street 

1-39 (odds) Lawrence Street 

Area 2b (Houses) 

41-95 (odds) Lawrence Street 

1-13 (odds) Forty Acre Lane  

Edwin Street  

Area 1b 

Mona Street 

Aviary Close 

Beckton Road 


Custom House 



Area 6 

2 - 32 Hartington Road (evens only) 

Ethel Road 

82 - 178 Leslie Road (evens only) 

1 - 25a Throckmorton Road (odds only) 

20 - 38 Freemasons Road (evens only) 

1 - 7 Vandome Close (odds only) 

Area 19 

1 - 26 inclusive Normandy Terrace 

64 - 80 Coolfin Road (flats above Freemasons Road shops) 

Area 4 

Burrard Road (except 43, Kayani House) 

Hands Walk 

Russell Road (except 62 - 84 and 2a, Bertrand House) 

75 - 83 Butchers Road (odds only except 83a) 

Area 5  

Hooper Road 

89 -123 Adamson Road (odds) 

87 -117 Butchers Road (odds only) 

Kerry Close 

Area 18 

71 - 87 Adamson Road 

5 - 11 Boreham Avenue (odds only) 

Local businesses and community organisations 

The shops in Freemasons Road are affected by the regeneration programme. The council has agreed a charter for shopkeepers in Freemasons Road (PDF) to support local businesses through the regeneration programme. 
If you run a business in Newham you can take part in our consultations, find out more about the regeneration and how it affects your organisation.
Contact the Regeneration Team on 020 3373 1443 or email

Publication of Initial Demolition Notice on 64-80 Coolfin Rd London E16 3BE

The Council has published the Notice in the Newham Recorder on 28 July 2021 as it intends to demolish the block within a 7 year timeline.

This is to enable the regeneration of the Custom House area by providing high quality homes and public spaces, an improved retail and commercial offer and bolstered health facilities to benefit Newham residents. Affected residents have been directly contacted about the impact of the Notice on them.   

Initial Demolition Notice (PDF)