Equality impact assessments

We have a legal duty to promote equality, eradicate unfair discrimination and support diversity.

We consider equality, social inclusion and community cohesion issues in developing our strategies and policies.

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​ Equality impact assessments

We use equality impact assessments (EqIAs) to identify the positive and negative impacts of a particular policy or strategy on equality and help us to identify actions which will build on the positive and mitigate the negative impacts.
Equality impact assessment (EqIA) summaries​ Date

Advice, benefits and Council Tax​

Council Tax Reduction Scheme 2017/18 (PDF) ​04/11/2016
Customer access - online only policy (PDF) 01/2015​
Social Fund replacement scheme (PDF) ​30/01/2013
Council Tax Support Scheme (Word) 16/01/2013
Customer access strategy: Realising the benefits workstream (Word)​ 29/09/2011​
Accessibility to customer access buildings (Word)​ 29/09/2011​
Changes to the Council Tax and benefits service 2011 (Word)​ 13/04/2011​
Information and guidance services 2011-12 (Word) 03/03/2011​
Council Tax freeze (Word)​ 28/02/2011​


Street market trading licensing 2010​ (Word) 08/04/2011​
Procurement strategy 2009-12 (Word)​ 08/04/2011​

Council and democracy​

Chargeable Lane specialist Gym review (PDF) 20/10/2016​
Tenancy terms and conditions (PDF)
Positive activities for young people (PDF) ​20/10/2016
Budget framework 2015/16 (PDF) ​02/2015
Newham corporate charging policy (PDF)
2016/17 Budget consultation and engagement - proposals for consultation with residents (PDF)
Payday lending - council advertising restrictions (PDF) 07/2014​
East Ham customer service centre and library build (PDF) ​30/04/2012
Review of staff terms and conditions (PDF)  20/09/2011​
Mandatory unpaid leave/removal of SCPs above grade max 2011 (PDF)​ 20/09/2011​
Council budget 2011-12 (Word)​

Children and young people

​Park Primary Expansion​ (PDF) 4/10/2019​
​Childcare Sufficiency Assessment​ (PDF) ​​09/2018
Park Primary School. Award of a construction contract (PDF) 07/2015​
Best start in life guarantee and delivery model (PDF) ​09/2015
Brampton Primary School
Appointment of a construction contractor
Winsor Primary School expansion (PDF) ​30/01/13
Open provision at Essex and Brampton primary schools (PDF) ​17/12/2012
Salisbury Primary School expansion (PDF)
Schools traded services transfer (PDF) ​14/05/2012
Maybury Road multi-use games area (Word)​
Gallions Primary School expansion (Word) ​13/06/2012
School admissions 2011-12​ (Word) 20/05/2010​
Children and young people services commissioning 2010-12 (Word) 04/05/2011
Royal Docks Schools Trust 2010​ (Word) 07/02/2011​

Environment, planning and regeneration​

Keeping Newham Moving (PDF) ​06/01/207
Stratford Gyratory Scheme (Word) 20/05/2016​
Workplace service review (Word)
Fortnightly recycling proposals (PDF) ​01/10/2012
East Ham campus listed buildings refurbishment (PDF)
Local Development Framework 2011​ (PDF) 20/01/2012​
Newco to become a local authority trading company (Word) 23/02/2011​
Changes to resident involvement structures 2011​ (PDF) 01/11/2011​
Second Local Implementation Plan (Word)​ 04/07/2011​
Canning Town/ Custom House 2008 (PDF)​ 08/04/2011​
Forest Gate 2009 (PDF)​ 08/04/2010​
Workplace service 2008 (Word)​​ 08/04/2010​​
Stratford High Street public realm 2010 (Word) 18/02/2010​

Health and social care​

Integrated electronic care monitoring scheduling solution (PDF)
Changes to Housing Related Support (Word)​ 13/12/2013​
Electronic call monitoring project (Word)​ 12/12/2013​
Newham substance misuse partnership (Word)​ 20/09/2013​
Reduction in taxi-card allocation​ (Word) 05/12/2012​
Mental health opportunity service (Word) 28/06/2012​
Outsourcing Newham shared lives scheme (Word)​ 21/06/2012​
Commissioning independent living support services (ILSS) (Word)​ 27/04/2012​
Decommissioning laundry services (Word) 03/01/2012​
Decommissioning meals services 2011 (Word) 01/12/2011​
Retendering of advocacy services 2011 (Word)​ 20/09/2011​
Independent domestic violence advocacy procurement 2011 (PDF) 04/07/2011​
Provider redesign: Greengate Lodge and Rawalpindi House residential care homes 2011 (Word)​ 26/05/2011​
Warm zone 2011 ​(Word) 21/04/2011​
Youth justice strategy 2010-11 (Word) 01/03/2011​
Alcohol strategy 2010-13 (Word)​ 21/10/2010​


Borough-wide property licensing (PDF) ​22/12/2016
Discretionary Housing Benefit Scheme (PDF) ​14/04/2015
Shared equity scheme (Word)​ 09/09/2013​
Homes in multiple occupation (PDF)
Newham housing allocations scheme 2012 (Word)​ ​27/09/2012
Borough-wide landlord licensing (Word) 13/06/2012​
Carpenters Estate Residents' Charter (PDF)
Carpenters Estate lease swap proposal (Word) ​01/05/2011
Rent increase (Word) 28/02/2011​
Jobs and careers
Workplace one year residency policy (PDF) ​07/11/2012


The Upton Centre (PDF) 06/2015​
Tender acceptance - Building communities young people's positive activity commissioning (PDF)
Pre-procurement: Request to tender for community hubs: Young people activity offer (PDF) ​03/2014
Community hubs young peoples commissioning (Word)​ 12/03/2014​
activeNewham services to the London Borough of Newham (PDF) ​13/11/2012
Review for newspaper provision 2011(Word)
Atherton Leisure Centre 2012 (Word)​ 11/11/2013​
Parks capital programme 2010​ (Word) 08/04/2011​
Active communities and people strategy 2011 (Word)​ 08/04/2011​
Leisure services commissioning 2011-12​ (Word) 01/03/2011​
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