Reporting fraud and how we deal with it

​Council tax fraud

Council tax fraud is committed when someone deliberately gives false or misleading information so that they can pay less or no Council Tax. This includes: 

  • Claiming to live in a single-person household to get the single person discount when more than one person lives in your household 
  • Pretending to be a student to get the student discount, when you are not a student 
  • Failing to tell us that you no longer need to claim a Council Tax Reduction

Avoid committing fraud 

You can avoid committing fraud by telling us about any changes in your circumstances as soon as they happen. Tell us about a change in your circumstances

Report council tax fraud 

How we catch and deal with fraudsters 

We use data matching to cross-check Council Tax Reduction and discount claims with credit reference agencies to identify other people living in your household. 

Our investigators have legal powers to look at financial records such as bank statements, mortgage accounts and bills, if they have reason to suspect fraud. 

Where we have enough evidence and it’s in the public interest we will look to prosecute those found to have committed fraud against the Council. We will also where appropriate look to recover money and assets under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.