Who serves on the different commissions?

Who serves on the different commissions?

All councillors except the Mayor and councillors who are part of Cabinet may be members of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee and its commissions.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee can also appoint co-opted members to the committee and/or the scrutiny commissions. Co-opted members are not allowed to vote with the exception of parent or diocesan representatives who can vote on education matters.

Overview and Scrutiny Committee and Commissions in Newham

Scrutiny arrangements differ from council to council.

The committee receives reports by the executive on progress against priorities, organisational restructures, budget and performance monitoring, and leads on commissions which cross-cut multi-service areas (such as homelessness), along with updates and engagement from various statutory partners as required.

The Overview and Scrutiny Committee Membership for 2022/23 is now:

Chair: Cllr Anthony McAlmont

Cllr Elizabeth Booker

Matthew Brooks  

Cllr Rita Chadha

Cllr Nate Higgins

Ms Ellen Kemp  

Cllr Lester Hudson

Cllr Daniel Lee-Phakoe

Paul Leslie  

Cllr Susan Masters

Cllr Thelma Odoi

Cllr Rohima Rahman

Paul Underwood  


There are also four Scrutiny Commissions, with the following Chairs

Crime & Anti-Social Behaviour Commission: Chair, Cllr Anthony McAlmont

Education, Children & Young People Commission: Chair, Cllr Elizabeth Booker

Health & Social Care Commission: Chair, Cllr Susan Masters

Regeneration, Environment, Housing & Inclusive Economy Commission: Chair, Cllr Daniel Lee-Phakoe

Find out more details about the membership, meetings and agendas of the Overview and Scrutiny (O&S) Committee

In addition to the O&S Committee, there are four standing commissions reporting into the O&S Committee, with each commission meeting separately to progress its own work programme.

Each Commission scrutinises subjects at quarterly meetings and produces ‘Task and Finish’ commissions - which are in-depth research reports on a given scrutiny topic chosen by Members. Recommendations from the work of scrutiny are presented at Cabinet Council, or to the relevant Individual portfolio lead in the Executive - for their respective consideration.