Regeneration, Housing and Environment

Chaired by Cllr Joshua Garfield

Topics to be reviewed to June 2022:

  • Homelessness and Rough Sleeping 5 Year Strategy - To review the proposed Homelessness and Rough Sleeping 5 Year Strategy and respond to the Council consultation, noting how the strategy proposes to build on the strategy agreed in December 2019, actions since, and what actions are planned for future.
  • Populo Living – Performance and Delivery - To review the performance of Newham’s housing delivery programme through Populo Living. To also understand how Populo is working to contribute to the delivery of the target of the 1,000 additional homes in the borough.
  • Local Plan Refresh 2022 - To review the refresh of the Newham Local Plan, how it implements Planning Policy across the borough, where the key areas of focus are in the 2018 version, and review whether this requires a change in focus to meet with current Council objectives.
  • Newham Regeneration Plans (Canning Town, Carpenters Estate, Custom House) - To review the proposed planning and delivery framework, including financial implications for the regeneration programme, understand the aims of the programme, whether they represent good value for money, and what this will mean for residents.
  • East London Joint Resource and Waste Strategy - To understand how the proposed Strategy will help the Council and the Partner Authorities plan for the end of the long-term contract for waste treatment and determine the future strategy for how we dispose and recycle this waste. To review the results of the public consultation and understand options available for future.
  • Repairs and Maintenance Service (RMS) – Performance and Delivery - To understand the performance and delivery targets of the RMS, how the service is meeting these and the resource taken to accomplish this. To understand other potential models of delivery, the benefits of the current model of delivery and the long terms aims for the RMS.
  • Newham Active Travel - To understand how the Council has worked to promote an Active Transport following the commitment in Cabinet in June 2020. To analyse how an Active Travel Plan would work to meet with overall Council objectives relating to Air Quality and Pubic Health, and what the Council is doing to promote this.

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