Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

Chaired by Cllr Daniel Lee-Phakoe

Topics to be reviewed to June 2022:

  • In-depth Review: The State of the Borough – To undertake a long term review on the overall state of Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in the borough and what this means for communities.
  • The Enforcement Team levels in the borough - To examine the resources in the Enforcement Team and their impact on community safety.
  • Noise Abatement - To receive an update on the latest statistics and data on the work of the noise abatement team.
  • Parking Enforcement - To receive an update on the latest statistics and data on parking enforcement in the borough and the impact on the community.
  • Environmental Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour issues - To scrutinise the work being done to reduce fly-tipping and other criminal matters in the borough.
  • Street-Drinking - To review the policies to tackle street drinking in the borough.
  • Street Walkers - To review the policies to engage with street walkers in the borough.
  • Community Safety Board - To understand the work and the priorities of the Community Safety Board.


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