Education, Children and Young People

Chaired by Cllr McAlmont, also Chair of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee

Topics to be reviewed to June 2022:

  • Children’s Services Improvement – to receive ongoing updates to be provided on the continued improvement journey of Children’s Services.
  • Inclusion and Alternative Learning Provision - To review alternative learning provision in Newham, provide and update on the reasons for and range of children that utilise them, and identify whether there has been any improvements to inclusion to key demographics.
  • COVID-19 and Educational Catch Up in Schools and colleges - To review the provision available following central government funding announcements for catch ups, how this will be undertaken in maintained schools, and what the expected outcomes will be.
  • SEND provision and the SEND Commission - To review the provision in Newham for children with SEND, ensure that outcomes are measuring up with statistical neighbours and internal targets, and look at areas where there is need for improvement, for example in educational attainment.
  • Brighter Futures Directorate – Direction of Travel and Performance – To Understanding the position of Brighter Futures Directorate, aims and objectives, and how far they have come with this and future plans.
  • Youth Empowerment Services - To review the development of the Youth Empowerment services following the new direction and funding allocated to the service and measure indicators of success to determine value for money. To review the investment and impact of the new service and understand how it supports the wider corporate outcome framework.
  • Children and Adolescent’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Provision - To review provision available for mental health issues and the utilisation of this service, and understand outcomes for children. To understand pressures on this service following the COVID-19 crisis as well as the current usage statistics, and understand what impact this had on service.
  • Youth Offending Services - To review Youth Offending Services, understand which key demographics are targeted and the work that is undertaken to outreach to children and most risk of becoming offenders. To review the resource allocated to the Youth Offending Services and determine sufficiency to undertake its role and work preventatively.
  • Food Security for Children in Newham - To look at the levels of food security and poverty in Newham, and look at how the Council is looking to help alleviate this issue within its remit.

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