Reports and briefs

Overview and Scrutiny Annual Reports

Each year, Scrutiny produces an annual report outlining their activities and findings to the Annual Council Meeting in May, follow the links to view the reports:

  • Scrutiny Annual Report 2021/22
  • Scrutiny Annual Report 2019/21
  • Scrutiny Annual Report 2018/19
  • Scrutiny Annual Report 2017/18
  • Scrutiny Annual Report 2016/17

Budget Working Group Party

Each year scrutiny has a key role in reviewing the Mayor’s draft budget proposals for the each ahead, and making any recommendations for consideration for Cabinet and then the Full Council where the annual budget is approved (February/early March each year) , Cllr McAlmont is the Chair, with the following Councillors proposed for 2020/21 budget scrutiny:

  • Councillor McAlmont (Chair)
  • Councillor Daniel Lee-Phakoe
  • Councillor Elizabeth Booker
  • Councillor Susan Masters

The final report is presented at Cabinet and Council each February, in accordance with the annual council tax and budget setting cycle.

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