Health and Adult Social Care

Chaired by Cllr Ayesha Chowdhury

Cllr Ayesha Chowdhury

Cllr. Ayesha Chowdhury arrived in Britain with her parents at the age of 16. While learning English, she helped her father with his community work. She then attended Goldsmiths College, University of London, and completed her MA in Applied Anthropology, Youth and Community work in 2002. In addition to that, she has obtained a wide range of qualifications covering social work, construction and law.

Mrs Chowdhury felt that the decision making process had to be influenced if real change was to be attempted. As a result of this she got involved with politics. Cllr. Chowdhury has fought five local elections successfully and has represented London Borough of Newham as an elected Councillor continuously since 2002.

Outside her role as a councillor, Ayesha Chowdhury is a successful businesswoman. She has previously worked for different local authorities, i.e. Camden, Westminster, Tower Hamlets and Newham. Aside from politics and business, she is also committed to various local, national and international organisations. She has been heavily involved in consultation, research and community activities in the UK as well as abroad.

Amongst her most prestigious voluntary association, her past and present commitments in Council include being: Executive Adviser for the Mayor of Newham, and Lead Councillor for Beckton Community Forum. She has also served a number of Scrutiny Commissions including Community Cohesion and Children & Young Peoples Scrutiny committee.

A number of positive developments that she has participated in over the past years in service delivery are: Tackling ASB successfully; affective service from the Housing and Environment Department; and improvements in educational standards. Besides her regular surgeries, she holds special surgeries for different ethnic groups, the elderly, and women and young people who do not normally visits surgeries.

Her interests include human rights, politics, environmental and social issues as well as sports. As a scrutiny chair for Health and Adult Social Care, she is keen to focus on equality and quality of life for the most disadvantaged in society.

Topics to be reviewed to June 2022:

  • Health Priorities for Newham - To review the health priorities for the borough, the Council and its NHS Partners and how these partners hope to achieve them.
  • Health Inequalities and Learning from the Marmot Reports Review - To identify the work taking place, and impact of that work, to address the health inequalities across Newham, review the proposed approach for continuing to reduce health inequalities in Newham and look at how Newham Council and its health partners are interacting with the voluntary, community and faith sector (VCFS) to help reduce health inequalities. This will be undertaken as part of a wider review.
  • Primary Care Networks & Access to GP services and move to digitalisation - To engage with the CCG as they start the process and to look at social prescribing.
  • COVID-19 Pandemic response – To receive a continuing update on matters related to the Coronavirus Pandemic as appropriate and needed.
  • Postponement of all elective surgery and appointments due to the Coronavirus Pandemic (Barts) - To report on NHS hospitals in England suspending all non-urgent elective surgery for at least three months from 15 April to help the service deal with the Covid-19 Pandemic.
  • Care and Carers, and the Carers Strategy - To the review the Carers Strategy that was presented to the Newham Health and Wellbeing Board.
  • Transfer of Ownership: AT Medics transfer of holdings to Operose Health Ltd - To consider the transfer of ownership of some GP practices in the borough and the impact that this will have on community access to GP and health services.
  • HeadStart - To review the data from the Headstart programme so that the Commission can be assured that the programme will have contributed to reducing the number amount of interventions year-on-year.
  • Dentistry plan for the Borough - To review the NHS North East London Clinical Commissioning Group’s (NEL CCG) strategy for Dentistry in the borough.
  • Relationship between the borough and the NEL CCG – To have oversight of the new arrangements for the north east London CCG and how they affect scrutiny.   

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