Regeneration, Housing and Environment

Chaired by Cllr John Whitworth

Cllr John Whitworth

As an active person in local politics, I wanted to become a councillor to get more involved in local governance and thereby contribute to improving the lives of residents. I had been a teacher in local schools, colleges and universities, and felt I had a sufficient understanding of the borough to make a useful contribution.”

“I am interested in Scrutiny because of its role in holding the Council’s Executive to account for its actions - by examining the delivery of its policies - and in proposing improvements. At this exciting time in Newham politics, I trust Scrutiny can make a full contribution to the reshaping of local governance in the interests of its residents.”

Topics to be reviewed to June 2020:

  • Temporary and Emergency Accommodation - data, residents placed out of borough, length of time in temporary or emergency accommodation, type of accommodation and cost.
  • Private Rental Sector Housing - to review the effectiveness of the private sector landlord register.
  • Housing list and Housing Allocation Policy - to scrutinise proposals for a revised policy relating to housing allocations.
  • Street Cleansing - to consider the review of service proposals to consolidate the three companies as was previously agreed by the Commission, once it is complete and before a Cabinet decision is taken.
  • Air Quality Action Plan - to review and comment on the final draft of the Air Quality Action Plan, following up from the previous 20 recommendations with updates.
  • Displaced/ Decanted residents during regeneration - to review what happens to residents who have to move out of their homes due to regeneration and how the Council supports them through this process. Areas of focus will include quality of temporary or alternative accommodation and how they are supported moving out and moving back
  • Contact Centre - to review elderly or disabled people’s accessibility in contacting the council.
  • In-Depth Review - temporary and emergency accommodation. To consider residents placed out of borough, length of time in temporary or emergency accommodation, type of accommodation, costs, the priority list and how residents vulnerabilities are taken into account, and how data is utilised to improve service provision e.g. equality data.

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