Health and wellbeing in Newham

Well Newham Outreach Team and Information Tables

BSL Support

The Well Newham Outreach Team visit different parts of Newham each week, providing advice and information on how to improve your health such as stopping smoking, being a healthy weight, getting a vaccine, mental health support, financial support and more.

Find out where the Outreach Team are located this week (PDF)

In places of worship (Mosque, Temple, Gurdwara), Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs follow religious rituals. As soon as they enter the building, they wear a head scarf/covering and remove their shoes. When visiting the Well Newham Outreach Team Information Table in places of worship, we would appreciate it if you wore a head scarf/covering and remove your shoes upon entering the building. In most cases, the place of worship will lend you a scarf or covering if you do not have one of your own. By respecting the religious rituals you will be showing respect for the places of worship and its adherents.