Apply for council housing

Problems bidding for a property

There may be a number of reasons you are unable to bid for a property. It could be that you are:

  • Trying to bid outside of the bidding cycle (Friday to midnight on Monday)
  • If you try to bid between Tuesday and Thursday, the message ‘You are not currently eligible for any properties’ will appear on the screen
  • Your account is not yet active. You will be told by letter or email that your application has been made active, but this can take up to 24 hours
  • You have been shortlisted for a property. You should get a letter inviting you to look at the property
  • You are in rent arrears or your application is under investigation. You should have received a letter telling you this
  • Your account is dormant because you have been assessed as having a home that meets your needs. You must let us know if any of the details on your housing register application have changed.

If you have not received a letter from us explaining why you are unable to bid, please call us on 020 8430 2000.

Difficulty logging into the bidding website

To log into the ELLC Choice Homes website you will need your housing register application number (also known as your unique reference number) and your memorable date.

Unless you have changed it, your memorable date is always set to the date of birth of the main applicant.

If your details have changed

You must make sure that you update your housing application as soon as possible if there are any changes to the information you have previously provided.

Tell us about a change