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Bidding for an accessible property

We put our properties into categories based on how accessible they are.

The categories are:

A Wheelchair accessible throughout
B Wheelchair accessible to essential rooms i.e. a bedroom, shower, living room and kitchen
C Lifetime homes, with wide doors and level access at the front door 
D Similar to a lifetime home, with wide doors and level access at the front door
E Step free at front door but narrower doors
E+ Up to 4 steps at the front door
F Less accessible and not suitable to adapt

When we advertise our properties, we include the accessibility category in our adverts. This helps people with disabilities to find a home that is right for them.

C, D, E and E+ These properties could be flats, houses or maisonettes so when bidding for a property with this category, you need to be aware that there is flight of stairs inside the property.  You will need to decide if this will meet your needs and consider if you are able to manage a flight of stairs if bidding for a property on more than one level.