Apply for council housing

Tell us if any of your details change

If your details or circumstances change, you must make sure that you update your housing application as soon as possible.  It is important that we have all of your details so we can make the correct assessment.

Tell us about a change to your details

Change of address

You must give the full details of the type of property you live in and the date you started living there. Make sure there is no gap or overlap between the start date and the last date you were in your previous home.

If you are living in your parents’ home, then you need to tell us how many bedrooms you have for your use, not the number of bedrooms in the property.

If you are staying at different addresses, please tell us about the address where you stay the most on the form and tell us about the other addresses in your notes.

Change of household members

You can add and remove household members on your application. Our housing allocations policy will tell you who you can add to your application.

If you are already a Newham tenant, you can add or remove any household members but these will have to be agreed by your Housing Liaison Officer before they are accepted as part of your household.

If we have put you into temporary accommodation you will not be able to add or remove any household members. You must email to tell us about a change and an officer in our Homelessness and Preventions Service can then make the change or book an appointment for you if required.

Change of contact details

You must tell us about any changes to your phone number or email address. Once again you do this online but please remember, if you are changing your email address, you also need to change it in your My Newham account.