Apply for council housing

Bidding for a property

If you have been accepted onto the housing register and you are eligible to bid, you can bid for a home through the choice-based lettings (CBL) scheme.

The scheme allows you to choose where you live and the type of property you live in.

What property to bid for

We give you all the necessary information about the property in our adverts on the ELLC Choice Homes website to help you make your decision.

We give details about:

  • Rent
  • Type of property
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Floor level
  • Whether it has a garden or not
  • Property's landlord
  • Type of heating
  • Accessibility
  • Number of people it is suitable for
  • Whether there is any parking or not

Property size you can bid for

You can only bid for the size of property that you have been assessed for or (if it is a Council property) with one bedroom less than you have been assessed for. For example; with Council properties if you need two beds you can bid for properties with one or two bedrooms.

Your registration email tells you what size of properties you can bid for.

Properties in other boroughs

You can bid for a property in another borough, but only if it is advertised in the Newham section of the ELLC Choice Homes website or magazine. This is known as a cross-borough advert and it will be presented with the borough’s logo and colour.

When to bid for a property

The bidding cycle opens on Friday and closes at midnight on Monday. You can't bid at any other time. It does not matter what time of day you bid as long as you bid within the cycle.