Rented property licensing

Licensing Compliance Inspections

The Council is currently undertaking extensive compliance survey work in order to check that all Licence Holders are continuing to meet the obligations of their Property Licence. 

During the term of your licence you may be selected for a Licensing Compliance inspection.

We intend to visit your property to briefly inspect your accommodation and determine the following:

  • Ensure that the information provided in the Property Licence application is correct
  • Ensure that the Property Licence conditions are being adhered to
  • Help landlords maintain their property and identify any deficiencies that may exist

The Compliance Officer intends to inspect all parts of the property. Occupants will need to ensure that the Council Officer(s) are able to access all parts of the property.   

If we are not able to gain access to your property whilst in the area we will leave contact details for landlord/licence holders or tenants to contact us to arrange a suitable alternative appointment.

The inspection results will be shared with the Licence Holder. Properties that have deficiencies or are in poor condition may be subject to re-inspection and/or further audit.