Rented property licensing

What happens next

Tacit consent does not apply to applications made for a property licence.

Once you have made your application you will have to wait for your application to be processed. This means that you do not automatically have a licence. We must process and approve your application within ten weeks of receiving your application before you are granted a licence.

We’ll write to you

We will write to the Proposed Licence Holder if we are unable to process your application within our ten-week service standard, with a new time period and the reasons for the delay. If we request further information and you fail to provide this within the timescale set, your licence application may be refused.

We will tell you and any other interested parties whether we plan to grant or refuse a licence within ten weeks of receiving your application.

This will be followed by a 21-day consultation period which gives you and all interested parties the chance to ask questions, challenge our decision or make comments

We will give you the notice that grant or refuses a licence, as well as a copy of the licence at the end of this consultation period.

Comment on a draft licence or revocation notice 

If you have not heard from us within our ten-week service standard please email