Rented property licensing

Property Licensing Document Audits

The council aims to use private rented property licensing to ensure that all privately rented properties are well managed. Many landlords do this already.

Licensing of private rented accommodation aims to ensure that:

  • Anti-social behaviour is dealt with effectively
  • Tenants’ health, safety and welfare are safeguarded
  •  Landlords are ‘fit and proper persons’ or employ agents who are
  • Adequate property and tenancy management arrangements are in place
  • Accommodation is suitable for the number of occupiers.
  • All landlords and managing agents operate at the same minimum level of professional standards.

In order to administer and enforce licensing during the term of your licence you may be selected for an audit of the conditions contained within your licence.

Documentation and information we request:

  • Written Statement of Terms of Occupancy
  • Gas Safety Certificate
  • Fire Alarm / Emergency Lighting Test Certificate (Including battery powered smoke detectors and battery powered Carbon Monoxide alarms)
  • Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR)
  • Electrical appliance test certificate
  • Property Inspection Records
  • Pest Control Treatment Records
  • Tenancy Deposit Scheme Paperwork
  • Tenancy Management Arrangements
  • Copies of References for Occupants
  • Name and Details of Occupant

We expect all documents and information to be present or a statement from you that a particular document/information either doesn’t exist or is not applicable, details should be given of the reason why this has not been returned (e.g. the lack of a gas safety certificate for a property with no gas supply).

Please note that even if there is a managing agent involved in the running of the property, who is not the licence holder, the licence holder remains legally responsible for complying with the conditions of the licence.


Failure to supply the correct and/or false information or documentation may result in the Council taking enforcement action. A person who fails to comply with any of the licence conditions can;

  • Be issued with a financial penalty notice of up to £30,000.
  • Prosecuted in Court.
  • Have the length of your licence reduced from five years to a one year
  • Have their Property Licence revoked. .

If a satisfactory response is received, then this action may not be necessary.

If you require any further advice or information please contact us.